Plan to Plant

The best of gardeners

For me, gardens are one of the most wonderful, beautiful and peaceful places to be in.

So what really makes a good garden?  Is it the design, soil, compost, fertiliser, the plant selections, water, sunlight?  These considerations all contribute, but in reality it is the gardener who nurtures the plants that contribute to grow a garden as we know it.

Gardeners have love, enthusiasm and experience, they observe, adapt and nurture nature in their diligence. Gardeners listen to and share experiences with each other and  have a deep passion for plants. With persistence, dedication, trial and error a garden will take form and character. A garden grows and evolves over a many years and even a lifetime.

With inspiration and dedication, I know that everyone can have their own garden of paradise; it just takes time and effort.












Diversity is key in plant selection!

Diversity is important when I am selecting any plants for a garden, particularly so in bushland and rehabilitation projects. Having a variety of Indigenous plant material through a site improves habitat quality. By combining both food and shelter plants, wildlife can naturally return to your site sooner.
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