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Garden Design in and around Brisbane 

The term 'Garden Style' is a combination of themed arrangements of plants, landscape products and materials that reflect a gardens mood.

All home owners should understand the reasons for choosing a particular garden style. As a horticulturalist, it is my job to advise on the garden style that is best suited to your needs, your architecture and your environment. When I choose landscape plants they are selected on the basis of a preferred garden style. I consider many constraints and parameters imposed by the client, the site and the surrounding environment. Finally, I choose my selections based on plant vigor and performance.

The Australian Open Garden Scheme is a fantastic way to visit gardens in your area and is a unique opportunity to study garden design & style. It is also a great way to learn about plants, and how they are successfully used in horticulture. I am currently preparing a series of Garden Design Fact Sheets (downloadable PDF's) to illustrate the following garden styles that are represented in and around the Brisbane area.

Garden Design, Plan to Plant Horticultural Services Garden Design, Plan to Plant Horticultural Services

Formal Garden

Rain Gardens  

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Tropical Garden

Contemporary Native Garden

Permaculture Design

Cottage Garden


Rainforest Garden

Productive Food Gardens

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Low Maintenance Pool Surrounds

Productive Organic Gardens - Quality NOT Quantity

Aim for one meal a week from your productive garden for a start, and then as your experience and skills improve extend your growing areas to include many different crops. Stock take and re-sow weekly to compensate your harvest. Always ensure that you plan, prepare and plant with the season, and rotationally fallow your cropping area in between.
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