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IMPORTANT NOTICE    Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Plan To Plant will be following all health and safety recommendations and working remotely to help flatten the curve and stop the spread. Please email me from the Contact Us page to discuss the Online Garden Design service.

Brisbane Online Garden Design Service



Garden Design Portfolio

Plans, plant lists and gardening information - ideal for new homes or for refurbishing existing gardens

This is our most popular garden design service as it is personalised and comprehensive.

The Garden Design Portfolio is practical and educational, giving detailed information with garden plans and plant lists along with information sheets on both soft and hard landscaping features. You will have unlimited contact via email or phone once the plans are delivered to help guide you through the establishment and maintenance of your gardens.

These detailed garden plans and information sheets are ideal for gardeners of all levels. The plans are drawn by hand, giving you an individual landscape design for your home. 

See our Sample Plan

Your personalised Garden Design Portfolio includes:

* Phone or video or email consultation discussing your needs
* Detailed plans drawn - showing both plant selections and hard landscaping ideas
* List of plant names (botanical & common) and the pot sizes recommended
* Hard landscaping idea sheets
* General maintenance advice
* Advice on implementing the plans
* Information on planting techniques

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Homepatch - Productive Gardens &
Permaculture Plans

These gardens are truly sustainable and productive. Many people both in the city and on rural allotments incorporate permaculture elements into their landscape. In permaculture we grow food where it is to be eaten at home. Growing food organically is practical and can be done easily with a bit of knowledge and skill. This style of garden has many diverse functions and is based on understanding of balanced relationships between humans and the environment. Society also benefits from building strong communities that share in the permaculture philosophy as the sustainable choice of the future.

Over the last decade Plan To Plant has undertaken many onsite garden advisory services in productive gardening and permaculture. My "Home Patch" service is now available online to assist people wanting to lighten their footprint and grow fresh produce, poultry and bees at home.

Some of my more popular fact sheets are now available free with links below.

Permaculture Information

Wicking Bed Information




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Key to Successful Garden Design!

Long term goals can be attained by following a simple plan. Step by step your garden can be successfully completed by following our installation procedures outlined in your Portfolio...Develop your garden within the constraints of your own time and budget. Remember gardening is to be enjoyed for the simple pleasure it provides to its owner.
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